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We at ifit Sofa know that you love your furniture. It gives you feelings of calm, comfort, and well-being. Your furniture shows others that you have good taste. Inherited furniture reminds you of those who came before you and is something that you can leave for those who come after you. It is part of your identity.

Our service is right for you if:

• You are moving or relocating
• Purchasing large or bulky home furnishings
• Or if your selling oversized furniture

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At ifit Sofa, we specialize in making any sofa fit into your home.

Our team of technicians will artfully disassemble and skillfully reassemble your sofa, wall unit, or headboard. We will get large pieces of furniture into small spaces and reassemble them in like-new condition.

Why You Can Trust Us

ifit Sofa has dismantled and reassembled hundreds of sofas in and around our area. We offer our services almost every day of the year. Our staff is well-trained, our pricing is upfront, we have comprehensive insurance, and we guarantee the quality of our work.

How We Do the Work

Modern sofa manufacturers are concerned with speed as opposed to quality. When ifit Sofa moves your furniture, we will replace the cheap staples manufacturers use with special screws and professional grade wood glue.

We will reassemble your sofa as well, if not better than, how it was before it was disassembled. Your sofa will look as attractive, feel as strong, and be as resistant as it ever was. It will look like it was untouch. We back up our work with a 10 year warranty. Now, you can enjoy your large sofa in a small urban space.

Service Key Term:

reassemble your sofa

When it comes time to move your furniture to a new location or to purchase new furniture, don’t worry about whether it will fit through

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Walk-up Apartments

Interior Doorways

What We Offer

Our Great Team

  • Trustworthy staffWe are developing an A+ reputation one customer at a time. Your satisfaction is our first priority.
  • Upfront Pricing: No hidden fees, no extra service charges. The price we quote is the price you pay.
  • Helpful: We understand that you may have questions. Our staff is committed to listening to your concerns and providing satisfactory answers.
  • Experience: Our skilled technicians are trained at the art of disassembling and reassembling your furniture. We handle each part with special care. Your sofa or other pieces of furniture will look as if they were never taken apart.

Our guarantee is that once we are done, your sofa will look as good as new!

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